With CLINQ EDITION #14, we deepen our inquiries into Unforms of Nature. For this season, we are taking a closer look at water, that miraculous substance of a zillion forms and unforms, and source of all life, no less. More specifically, we are zooming in closer on the delicate matter of rain drops.

Rain drops are mysterious and sublime in equal measure – the closer you come, the more you can see the world reflected. They are liquid and yet have a defined and satisfyingly perfect shape. Their immaculate, shiny surface appears smooth and solid, yet is utterly fragile and ephemeral. Rain drops seem transparent and yet contain their entire surrounding, capturing, mirroring and distorting light and colour.

So rain drops we thought about when we designed the rounded, asymmetrical shapes of our new styles of hair clips and bracelets, some of which continue the theme with sweetwater pearls. But the resemblance is even more striking in our new range of CLINQ FLOATING HAIR TIES, a selection of delicate semi-precious stones held with a transparent elastic. Our hair ties can be used for pony tails and other purposes, looking from a distance like – indeed, there is no denying it – a fine and sparkling drop of rain nestling in your hair.



The latest addition to our range of hair accessories, our Floating Hair Ties are made with semi-precious stones feeling like perfect little drops of rain nestling in your hair, and how beautiful is that.



Since our very first collection, all CLINQ styles have been named after women we admire. Scientists, writers, politicians, sportswomen, entrepreneurs, designers, activists, or simply women who achieved extraordinary things in their lifetime, often against all the odds and constraints of their time and society. To celebrate our 10th edition, we produced a small booklet that profiles 10 of the women that have served us as continuous inspiration and reference point. It comes free with every order from the CLINQ store, as a small thank you for your loyal support.

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