With our CLINQ EDITION #12, we continue our research into Unforms of Nature from the previous season, and the deeper we immerse ourselves into the mysteries of nature, the more fascinated we have become with the phenomenon of growth. How miraculous and astonishing is the simple geometry of cells dividing and multiplying, growing in size, volume, and capacity, blossoming into branches, leaves, roots, fruit, living organisms?

Or pearls, for that matter, which we reintroduce in this season, in humble reference to that most curious of berries, the Symphoricarpos albus laevigatus, more commonly known as the snowberry. In stark contrast to the general cycle of seasons, snowberry plants bloom in a delicious light pink in late summer, with their fruit ripening and turning 
a soft white during fall and winter, which seems to perfectly embody that blurring of seasons and times these days, not to mention their enigmatic resemblance to pearls.


Growth is also symptomatic for our collection this season: After five years of developing and nurturing our range of signature hair clips, we are utterly excited to introduce this season the CLINQ BANGLE BRACELET, bringing our very own blend of technology and craftsmanship to your wrist.



Since our very first collection, all CLINQ styles have been named after women we admire. Scientists, writers, politicians, sportswomen, entrepreneurs, designers, activists, or simply women who achieved extraordinary things in their lifetime, often against all the odds and constraints of their time and society. To celebrate our 10th edition, we produced a small booklet that profiles 10 of the women that have served us as continuous inspiration and reference point. It comes free with every order from the CLINQ store, as a small thank you for your loyal support.

All deliveries are carbon neutral