CLINQ is a label for contemporary and minimalist accessories that intertwine function with beauty, simplicity with versatility.

Take, for instance, the hair clip: an everyday commodity that we turned into a signature style, redesigning not only its silhouette, but its entire construction. The result is a barrette that is ultralight, durable, and elegant, a piece of hair jewelry that can serve as a staple of everyday life as easily as it can turn into a statement piece to complete your personal style.

Based in Berlin, CLINQ is sitatuated comfortably on the edge between jewelry and product design, between craft and technology. CLINQ stands for accessories developed with care and a mindful vision of value, time, and contemporary needs. We care about the product as much as we care about the process behind the product, developing longlasting objects made of high-quality materials. CLINQ is crafted in-house in Berlin and with the help of local suppliers in Germany, assuring an environmentally responsible production process.

As our collection is expanding to different styles and forms of accessories, the essence at the heart of CLINQ remains the same: we invest time and effort to design accessories that are timeless and versatile, allowing space for self-expression and personality. We want to be your everyday companion and rise to the special occasion.

We want to make the ordinary extraordinary.